Sunday 19 February 2012

IT Sales Blog - What is IT about?

Having worked in the IT Industry for over 20 years, I am still amazed by the rate of change as new technology emerges. However, if you look under the covers, there are also some constants. The first is that the fundamental role of information technology is to enable businesses - to do business. Whether you are in a commercial or public sector environment - this remains true.

The second constant is that the industry which supplies the technology is itself hungry to do business - to provide new IT to customers. In order to accelerate the consumption of technology there is a continuous cycle of refresh, of new technology and jargon, of finding and articulating better, smarter and faster ways of doing things. Some technologies, like server virtualisation, really have delivered on the promise. Others may not live up to the hype so well.

If you are in IT Sales and are baffled by some of the jargon or just struggling to keep up with technology - why not have a browse now? You can also access a range of instructional videos on the 2DeCipher YouTube channel - here.

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