Thursday 23 February 2012

To succeed in IT Sales – get more technical.

I know a lot of you reading this will be cringing at the idea that you need to become more technically proficient to succeed in IT Sales. I have heard it said many times – “I will never hire a techy for a sales role – it just never works”. I have also heard successful IT Sales people positively balk at the idea that they may have a technical streak in their character. “I don’t do technology – it’s dirty”. “People buy from people – I don’t need to be technical”.

So just what is going on – and why should you care anyway?

Well here is the thing. You cannot successfully sell to someone unless you can uncover some sort of need and therefore demonstrate that the solution you are offering provides some value. I will return to this in a future blog post. The point here is that you need to uncover a need – and in IT – this is likely to be couched in technology. It could be quite complex.

 So if you don’t have an appreciation of your customer’s environment and how the products and services at your disposal might help address the need – how would you spot there is an opportunity and know how to take it to the next stage?

Of course you say, I have technical pre-sales help for that sort of thing. Very true. But can you really afford to have pre-sales with you at every customer encounter?

When I speak to those successful IT sales folks who would rather die than admit technical knowledge – invariably, they actually do know their stuff. I firmly believe that to succeed in IT Sales (and I am referring to solution sales rather than simple commodity products) – an appreciation of technology and your customer’s situation can be a real help.

You don’t have to be a technical expert – but become a bit more tech savvy. Technology is changing all the time – and if you don’t get it – how can you sell it?

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